How Your Phone System Can Make Your Small Business Look Bigger

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As a small business owner it can be tough juggling all the responsibilities that come with running your own company. You’re the jack-of-all-trades, handling everything from project management to receptionist duties and even accounting and IT. It can be overwhelming, right?

But don’t worry, even though your business may be small, there’s a few great and easy ways to make it look just as large and professional as the big guys. And it’s all thanks to one handy piece of technology: your phone! With it, you can help build your brand’s presence in Australia and open up new opportunities. So, let’s see the top ways you can use your phone system to help make your small business looks bigger than it actually is!

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look Larger

Inbound Numbers

At the top of the list of ways to make your business look bigger is by getting an inbound 1300 or 1800 number, which instantly gives your company national presence across Australia. Having a 1300 or 1800 number for your small business will make it look larger and more professional than a traditional local number and this will also make you stand out and give you an edge against your competitors who may not have a 1300 or 1800 number set up for their business. Did you know that 88% of businesses in Australia employ 4 or less people? So you’re not just competing against the big companies, but lots of small ones too.

You might be a one man business operating in St Kilda or Fremantle, and your basic local number that has an area code or prefix will let people know that’s where your business is located, but an inbound number implies size as it gives the impression that you are located all across Australia and have a lot of staff. This is really important for small and home businesses because some customers are just a lot more comfortable calling up a bigger company that is reputable and larger, and an inbound 1300 or 1800 number can give your small business that presence and sense of size and authority.

Another surprising advantage of having an inbound number is they are much easier for customers to remember, which can help increase your brand awareness and drive repeat business.

Interstate Phone Numbers

If your business is using cloud phone systems already, then you have the flexibility to get phone numbers in different states too, even if your company is only based in one state. So, for example, you might be based in Melbourne with an 03 area code, but with the right sort of phone system you can actually get a phone number with an 02 area code for New South Wales or an 08 code for Western Australia. And you can have as many of these numbers as you like. This is a super simple way to give your business a feeling of national scale, even if it is only operating in one state or city.

Let’s say your office is in Sydney, but you want to start promoting your services in Brisbane, for example, you can start advertising a local 07 number so that people in Queensland think you operate there and will call you, but the number will actually answer in your office in Sydney. So you don’t actually need a physical presence in Brisbane, or any state in Australia, to start getting business in those parts of the country. This opens up the amount of potential customers you can serve and greatly increases the impression of size of your business.

Small Business Cloud Phones

Cloud or hosted phone systems are very cost effective for businesses, especially small offices and home offices, as you get all the big business benefits of a phone system on a small business or home business budget. So things like voicemail to email, on hold messages, pre announcement greetings and even auto attendants are within reach for your business, without the hassle and price tag of traditional non cloud phone systems.

Setting your company up with a cloud based phone system will allow your business all of these tools that will help it appear bigger than it really is, and also gives you the flexibility and convenience of being able to take business calls remotely, via your mobile phone or computer by using a softphone app. This way you can take your company phone system with you anywhere you go and still have that same sense of national presence as you do while set up in your actual office.

If you would like to set up a cloud phone system for your small business and enjoy all of these benefits, then give us a call on 1300 857 194 today.

Auto Attendant

An Auto Attendant is another great way to make your small business appear larger than it really is. You can think of this as a sort of virtual receptionist, except one that doesn’t take sick days or require a salary! An Auto Attendant will let your business handle incoming calls much more efficiently as you don’t need a receptionist on the phones 24/7 to handle customer queries. An Auto Attendant can make your company look bigger than it really is because customers are used to hearing them when they call larger companies.

I’m sure you’ve come across more than a few in your time, they are your typical press 1 to contact sales and press 2 to contact support messages you hear when you call a business. Having an Auto Attendant gives the impression that your company is so large that it has multiple departments of staff to speak with, and the beauty of it is, all of the answering points for each of these options can end up at the same desk or number, even if you are only a one or three person team. But you still give the customer that impression that your business is bigger than it really is.

On Hold Messaging

Normally a one or two man team wouldn’t have access to something like on hold messaging, but now with cloud phones you can! On hold messages allow your company to tell customers about new services or features of your business, or its benefits, while they are waiting on the line to speak to a live person. This gives customers  a way to pass the time while they are on hold and also educates them more about your business so that the time is not wasted and the customer has an opportunity to ask about features mentioned in the message. On hold messages are also a fantastic way to give your business an impression of being bigger as they sound professional and remind customers of larger and more established businesses.

Remote Answering Point

Having a remote answering point with your phone system lets you answer business calls from your mobile phone or laptop, which is a godsend for remote workers or busy business owners who are always on the go. This means you can still use your mobile phone, without leaving the impression to customers that mobile phone numbers usually give off, which is that you are a one person operation. Being able to use an actual company number but answer it from your mobile phone gives you the flexibility to take calls anywhere, without sacrificing the feeling of size or national presence that you get from having an inbound number for your business.

And if you are a one person team and don’t have an office, a cloud based phone system gives you the opportunity to project the image that you do have an office to your customers, even though they are actually just calling your mobile phone. And this can make all the difference in whether a prospective customer calls your company or not, and can lead to more customers and more business.

Watch Your Small Business Grow

In conclusion, using technology, specifically your phone system, can be a great way to make your small business appear larger and more professional. With the help of inbound 1300 or 1800 numbers, getting phone numbers in different states, and using cloud or hosted phone systems, you can increase brand awareness, drive repeat customers and give the impression of a larger company.

These solutions are easy to implement and can open up new opportunities for your business, without breaking the bank. So don’t let being a small business hold you back, take advantage of these tools and watch your business grow!

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