24th March 2020 – Contact Center + Customer Services Update

By Henry,

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The last week has moved fast and we have been moving fast too. So we wanted to share a few updates on how we are here to help you continue to operate and communicate with your clients. 

Our Contact Centre and Support Teams Are Available & Here To Help 

TL;DR: We’ve been hiring hotel rooms and Airbnb’s to be able to keep our call centre staff operational for you … yet due to the increased volume of calls, if possible, please email your requests to [email protected].

Call Centres in every industry across the world have been hit hard with building closures, isolation requests and increased call volumes – and unfortunately, we are no different. 

However, we have been working around the clock doing everything we can to continue to support you, your business and your clients. 

Our Melbourne Contact Centre team is operating at near capacity (between the office and home where possible), and our international team in the Philippines have been extraordinarily creative and resourceful to stay operational for you. 

In anticipation of the government locking the country down to just small blocks. We were able to secure hotels and AirBNBs for the team next to the Manilla office and a good number of the team decided to come to the accommodation and make themselves available in and out of the call centre (where applicable) to help. And the remainder of the support team are still working remotely on email only during this unprecedented time. 

These efforts by no means mean we are at full capacity to support you, however from industry information, we are one of the very few still operating at the capacity which we are.

Higher than usual support enquiries combined with a slightly lower overall support capacity do mean there will still be some delays, but we will get to your requests as quickly as possible. 

We have reduced our phone customer service to 9am-5pm right now to help cope with the increased demand on our customer service team, and ask you during this time where possible to email support via [email protected] and not call us unless it’s urgent on 1300 857 194. This will help us action everything as fast as possible with the resources we have. 

NBN Network & Managed Disconnects

Also during this time the government & NBNco have decided to put a hold on disconnecting the old copper phone lines (managed disconnects) for both business premises and homes. This is a great relief to all, and no doubt will help minimise any disruptions over the coming months.

Plus you may have heard the NBN has added an extra 40% capacity to it’s network to help with the increased demand for bandwidth through this time. Just to clarify this isn’t extra speed, but it’s the amount of data per second that can go through the network in this country. We aren’t going to comment on if that’s enough or not, but more capacity is a good thing. 

We’ll keep you informed as more information around the NBN and data-related information is available. 

National Network & New Order(s)

As we mentioned above, call centres and staff across the entire national communications network have been hit hard by the current COVID-19 situation, which means that new orders for a range of products and services may be delayed. 

So please be aware that if you have orders anywhere in the network, you may find porting dates, install timelines and scheduled visits are all fluid and being continually rescheduled across all carriers. 

We will continue to communicate with you as best we can and provide accurate updates where possible. 

Again we thank you all for your ongoing support and we will have further updates for you soon.

Stay strong and push forward.

The Entire SpringCom Team.

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