A Telco That Cares…

fairytale or fact?

Because of our fresh approach, we know you’ve never worked with a telco company like us.

So how do we do it? Unlike the others, we don’t waste time on marketing, sales or outbound call centers …. We work with only the best partners to deliver an all-inclusive telecommunications service.

This allows our entire SpringCom team to solely focus on your experience not just during connection and set-up, but for years to come. We are here to grow with you.

love your
telco experience

As measured by our SME leading Net Promoter

With no distractions, everything we do is focused on you, your business, and your success.

… and we measure this through our entire organisations adoption of the global leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) model.

By regularly asking the for a 0-10 answer to the question “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” … it provides a measure of customer experience between -100 and +100 with most companies achieving scores in a bell curve in the middle around 0.

Australia’s Most Caring SME Telco

Just like you want up-time with your telecommunication services, we want real-time feedback on each and every communication you have with our team.

We care about the experience you have, and that’s why at the end of each conversation you have the opportunity to leave direct feedback via a quick one-touch rating from 0-9

Our current Customer Experience Rating is again, an industry leading 7.93 out of 9.

Can you say that you’ve been happy with 88% of the conversations you’ve had with your current telco provider? As a Springcom customer you will.

the quickest call
in the land

We understand your team have customers to speak with and more important problems to solve than anything telco related.

Yet, whether it’s a simple billing question, add/move/change to your services or an in-depth reprogramming of your CloudPBX Phone System we’re proud to be able to say:

Last month, the average wait time was 43 seconds and we spent just 555 seconds handling (talk-time) our customer calls.

In any call-centre, Average Handling Time is killer.. It’s what makes or breaks not only the call centres success, yet also the end customers experience.

Having a call-centre wide (Customer Service, Customer On-Boarding, Service Provisioning, Tech Support) of only 555 seconds shows our ongoing dedication to customer experience & care.

only a (personal)
phone call away

Unlike traditional telcos, you are more than just a (phone) number to us.

… and we ensure you experience the love with a dedicated account manager.

Whether it’s a simple account question, an enquiry about new services, or just a review of account – your personal account manager will be there to ensure everything runs smoothly and your treated as one of our own.

When you join SpringCom your first experience will be from your personal account manager who will give you there direct phone number and personal email address, so your questions and tickets won’t get lost in the typical “telco black pit”.

You will also have piece-of-mind knowing there is a full team of customer care specialists, provisioning experts, and a technical support team (that speak english, not tech-jargon) here to support you and your