Let Us UnTech Telco

Telecommunications can get very confusing very quickly
NBN, EFM, ADSL, SIP …there are more acronyms then actual services.

Below are a few tips and videos to help demystify the choices you have, help you make an informed decision for business, and just another small way we want to give you an experience unlike any other Australian Telco.

Quick ckecklist

Whether you’re chatting with one of our partners about a SpringCom Solution, or any other Telco for that matter, here are few questions we’d suggest you ask … and the answers you should be hoping to get back.

Do you offer unlimited data packages?

Suggested Answer:

With how important data is to business today and in the future, we believe you your business growth shouldn’t be limited by data caps.

Do you offer direct data connections to the major service providers in the world?

Suggested Answer:

Would you choose to drive from Melbourne to Sydney for a business critical meeting on the backroads? No, you wouldn’t unless you like getting the car covered in dust and driving slowly. You would take the highway if you want to get somewhere fast. For any business that works online having reliable direct links to all the places (services such as Google, Microsoft & Amazon) you want to go is critical to ensuring you get where you want to go fast and this is why we suggest getting a highly .

Should I get a dedicated data package for my phone system?

Suggested Answer:

This depends on the bandwidth available in your area and how you use your data connection. In a lot of cases businesses will not need a data connection to run your phone system and other communications devices. However, if your business is a heavy internet user, that streams YouTube videos and uploads large files to the cloud, we suggest exploring the option of a dedicated data connection for your communication devices to ensure their are jittery sounding phone calls.

Is my new phone system NBN Ready (SIP Enabled)?

Suggested Answer:

Any phone system you purchase should be NBN ready.

How many phone lines will I need?

Suggested Answer:

It’s highly unlikely that you will need a line for each staff member – How often is everyone on the phone at once?
Don’t be misled; save money and get a solution that allows you to share your lines across all staff and handsets